Monday, November 10, 2008


hi all

we had a really busy week last week with grace being in capers. Capers is the big school spectactular that is held every two years in the new england area. i will say that the show does not dissappoint at all. mum came with me and we had a ball. grace was in the choir and boy did they do well. they all wore different coloured ponchos and each had a white poncho as well. everytime they did a song they changed the ponchos around so they looked different every time. i never knew you could tie a piece of material in different ways. grace was so funny. she wanted to wear a blue poncho and the
other colours made her head fat on the big screen. mum and i couldnt stop laughing when she was given the green. the other pic is off the jemma (graces best friend) with ethan (graces boyfriend) and grace. the three of them are nuts.

i mentioned a while ago now that i had completed a double layout for a circle journal that i participated in. well i have finally taken some pics to show. i have been so slack havent i. the theme was b is for....... so i did b is for beautiful and i based it around the flowers in my garden that have been blooming so nicely at the moment.

would you believe i went to a crop day the other day and did practically nothing. i managed to start to do 2 cards and then cleaned out my scrap box and then sat and chatted. i had to leave early to get grace and get organised for capers so it all just flew by. there is another one this weekend to raise money for cancer so i will hopefully be going to it to open up the hall and help out where i can.

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