Tuesday, November 4, 2008

back in the swing of things

hi all
i have broken yet another scrapping drought thanks to the wonderful team at allcraftz. they have just had a great cc with the theme food glorious food. what can i say i couldnt go wrong with a theme like that. i am so proud of myself as i managed to get all four challenges done and still have a bit of spare time. woo hoo.

the first challenge was to make a card in the shape of a peice of food. well i had to put my thinking cap on for this one and i ended up with a strawberry. you also had to have texture on it so i used a glitter paint as the little seeds.

the second was an otp that the talented krissy thought up. we had to make a recipe book out of a notepad. i of course couldnt find a spare notebook but i was lucky enough to have a maya road binder book handy so i used it instead.

third was a lo of your most memorable meal. the catch was though it had to be one that you didnt cook. now if you are like me that is a rarity in itself lol. i found an old menu from the place where ray took me on our first real date. we spent the whole night laughing as when we openned the front door a three legged cat was hobbling around and being fed.
the fourth was a fantastic sketch by the brillant megan. you had to base it on your fav food. well i am a coffee addict so that wasnt too hard to do lol. i loved the sketch it was simple yet filled the page lovely.

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