Wednesday, October 8, 2008

winners are grinners at allcraftz

Hi all
ebony has announced the winners over at allcraftz for the WCMD. I was lucky enough to win a prize or two. ebony would have to be one of the most generous people i have had the pleasure of knowing. The gallery is outstanding over there and i feel very honoured to be picked. I dont know how anyone could of chosen winners with all of them talented ladies entering. Thanks to all those ladies as with out them it wouldnt be any fun at all. You ladies inspire me daily and i would be lost with out you.

Gardening is on the agenda today again. We are doing out the but on the outside of the fence. i know it sounds a bit weird but the idea is to try and stop the weeds rabbits and snaked coming in from the front paddock. the bloomin weeds come up through the fence and set seed which of course fall into the garden and come up as weeds next spring. it is a massive job but the kids have been great in helping ray and i. we just need to somehow not get bitten by greenants and it would be sweet. I also need to get some more seeds in my vege patch. we are going to run out of beetroot if we keep eating like we do. Poor ray hasnt really had a holiday. i have a list of things that need doing as long as my arm and i keep pushing him along. i spose though the first week he didnt do too much so i should crack that housewife whip a bit more this week lol.

grace is so looking forward to going back to school next week as she is heading off to point wolstencroft(i dont know if i spelt that right. my girl will be away for a whole week. i just dont know what i will do with myself. i am going to be surrounded by boys. her bag is practically packed and ready to go. i just need to buy a couple of pairs of 3/4shorts for her to wear and all will be sweet.


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