Sunday, October 5, 2008


HI all
well you are probally all wanting to know what the hell WCDM is and it is simple and nothing dirty i assure you lol. It is World Card Making Day. Allcraftz just put on the the days entertainment and specials which i am afraid missed most of. I did manage though to get some great stamps at a fantastic price. I am also going to get in and do the challenges hopefully and get them downloaded by midnight monday.

We went to the ceremony of the most beautiful wedding out. Miss Kimberly Bennett graces dance teacher got married in Anzac park yesterday and wanted all her girls there to realease balloons. The balloons were even heart shaped and gorgeous. Kimberly made the dress she wore and i must say it was bloody beautiful. i have never seen such a beautiful bunch of bridesmaids and flower girls. I will ask her next week if i can show one of the photos i took in here.

We also had a tripple birthday party at Beth and Petes. It was our friend Dicks birthday, plus a friend of Beths and Petes named Peter was having his birthday too and then Thomas turns 3 next weekend so they threw him in too. . There were 3 cakes one of which grace made and it was yummo. i feel full just thinking of the food we ate lol. I made Dick a kaiser clock for his pressie as he lives alone with his dog and we are like the only family he has now. I will try to pop a pic of it on here soon too.


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TribeRingers said...

Hope you get a chance to do some of the challenges for Allcraftz's WCMD celebrations.

That wedding ceremony sounds just lovely.