Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Simple pleasures

hi all
things are busy here as normal. kids need constant chasing and the calf and chooks need feeding plus then there is the running of kids to dance and scouts. dinner is on the stove and i think i am nearly organised. lol. there is a first time for everything. i would love to be able to sit down and scrap but i just cant get there lately. i have so much i need to do and no time to do it in. when i do get a break all i can do is sleep. i might have to start doing midnight shifts to get through it all lol. our really good friends had a baby boy the other week. Welcome to the world little luke mathew jones. i love babies and i am the sort who gets clucky really really easily. i definately dont want anymore though pmsl.
i am starting to get really excited about going to foster with the kids. we have cashed in our money boxes and ended up with over $700. woo hoo. that should cover the motel, food, and petrol for 2 cars plus a few specials. it is amazing how quickly it all adds up isnt it.


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Sandie said...

Gidday Marnie, just popping in to say gidday.

You need to pop over to my blog sometime soon. I am putting up a sketch challenge today and there is a small prize up for grabs.

Try to make some time just for "YOU".

Luv Sandie