Friday, October 10, 2008

my god it is early

hi all
it is still dark here and i am wide awake. poor ray was so tired last night that he is snoring up a storm. i just couldnt stay in there any longer. i have laid on the lounge for the last hour but i just can not go back to sleep. my eyes are sore and i forgot to grab my glasses so i am typing blind here lol. the garden is starting to really come along out the front we have so much more to do though. it is just such a big job. you seem to get rid of one lot of weeds and you turn around and find 50 more.
grace and i are heading off to the op shops in a few hours lol to find some shorts and jeans to wear to point wolstencroft (sp). i was told the south tamworth vinnies have some great stuff so we thought we would pop over for a bit of a squiz. graces problem is she is so tall yet so skinny. at the age of nearly 11 she is still only about a size 6. she obviously got her build from her fathers side of the family.
anthony is in the poo again. the silly little boy a couple of weeks ago stole some money ($140 ) and took it to school. $20 was swapped for a peice of cake, $20 was spent at the canteen, and $100 was found by the teacher thank goodness. well it seems he didnt learn his lesson and we found another $100 hidden in his bedroom. i just dont konw what to do. any ideas would be great.
ashley and thomas are like usual wild. ashley has the most amazing sence of homour outl .he cracks up at anything and then of course that sets me off giggling. thomas is starting to make up his own little jokes which is really cute. they both want to help with everything and be right in the middle of it all but gee sometimes it would be lovely if they could just sit and relax and let me just get on with stuff. i think the two of them are going to be a bit lost when ashley starts preschool next year.


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