Monday, October 13, 2008

my girl is gone

hi all
now dont stress nothing bad has happened to grace. At 7am this morning though she hopped on the bus to point wolstonecroft for the week. i am so lonely with out her here. i had to go and collect the salad from the vege patch all buy my self and then set the table all by my self and then i had to get ray to help me wash and wipe up. my little helper is gone for the week what am i going to do with myself. i am getting a bit excited though as when she comes home it will be close to her 11th birthday. we are going bowling on sunday with her boyfriend ethan, and then on the monday we will just have a cake and some party food here at home. she is going to be so wrapped in what we got her for her day. grace has no idea either as i sent my friend to buy it lol.

anthony has had a really tiring day at school. poor little bugger was worn out by the time he got home. i spose though he has to be at the bus stop at 8am and then he doesnt get home until 4.15pm. it is a long day. anthony is such a gentle soul.


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