Saturday, October 11, 2008

MSN hooked

Hi all
my hands ache and my back is killing me from sitting for so long but i am hooked. I have messenger now and i have been talking up a storm with del and marcy. These two ladies crack me up so much. I love too how it is one on one and you can get to know someone so much better. Graces boyfriend ethan talks to her on it too and so does my mother.

We have had a busy day today doing the groceries and just trying to get grace organised. I am a bit over this excursion thing. i think though it is more that i am loosing my friend for a week. i am going to be lost with out her here to help me out against the boys.

Snake alert today too. Carol from next door called out today as we were going to have a picnic lunch for thomas's birthday (yes my baby boy is 3) well carol had just caught sight of a 6 ft brown snake leaving her place and going through the fence into our. my god i am going to poop myself if i happen to come across it. lol

am i getting old or is it that time is just going by so much quicker. I shed a little tear today as we cut thomas's birthday cake. my baby is growing up too quickly. he is such a little boy and it is breaking my heart. No i dont want anymore but why do they change so fast. i just want him to slow down and let me enjoy him like this for a bit longer.

Graces birthday is next week so my girl becomes 11 and i am going to have to chain her down too. she is so tall and skinny and beautiful. i have told ray to load up the shotgun as i think we are going to need it.


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Danielle said...

HAHAHAHAHA, We have created a monster!! Mate, you telling me about time flying, i cant bloody keep up with it xx