Wednesday, October 22, 2008

i am still here

hi all

it seems like forever since i last came in here and blurted out what i have been up to. life is still flat out. i have hardly touched my scrapbooking which is really having a toll on me. i have been really emotional lately and i am not 100% sure why? i know i have been really tired lately but that is what happens when you try to fit in fishing a couple of nights a week with running around on weekends plus dance and scouts and then housework and kids and then ray. We have been fixing the front garden at the moment and it is starting to look really lovely. we have a heap of irises that were rays nans in full flower which look stunning. i have been trying to look the names up for them all but gee there are so many different types. i have taken a couple of pics so i might see if i can show some of the more beautiful ones. my vegie patch is starting to really kick ass too. we are able to eat some lovely beetroot, snow peas, broad beans and leafy greens now. the potatoes are coming on strong now and i cant wait until we are able to dig them up and eat them. did i mention i love spuds. i also have some spaghetti squash, jap pumpkins, cucumbers, corn and mixed squash growing well. we should have plenty here soon which will be great for saving a little bit of money.

have i also told you we are getting a calf. the kids are so excited about it. it will be really little when we pick it up this saturday and i will have to bucket feed it twice a day for a few weeks. it will be just like having a baby again with the sterilizing and formula making. i am more excited that the kids get to help to it and learn about it all. so with all my veges and then a whole calf we are going to be well fed soon lol.



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Krissy C said...

Wow!Your flowers are gorgeous Marnie!You'll have to give me some tips I havent got green fingers at all LOL How cool about the calf!

Krissy xx