Monday, October 27, 2008

hi all

hi all
i am still breathing and doing well. the kids have been really wild lately and we have been flat out here with different projects.

we have two new members to the didlick family. one is a bantam rooster named GEORGE after curious george and the other is a calf named sunday roast in honour of nic and keiths sunday rose lol. my hands are so sore from trying to feed the little sucker. she is a big girl and i am not sure what breed she is just yet. i end up with more milk on me then what goes down her gut i think lol. we are going to feed her up and then maybe have her for dinner (the kids are not impressed). we are getting a couple more soon so we have been trying to fix the fences etc so that they will be safe and not out on the road.

Anthony has joined the scouts and i must say there has been a big difference in him. he loves it. i only have to threaten that he will miss a meeting and he is off and cleaning his room etc. he talks non stop after a meeting which is different for him. he is a quiet kid and this has definately openned up his voice lol. He had a little excursion with the scouts yesterday at the river and they found all sorts of different types of bugs etc to identify and play with. Anthony was so proud too that he was the only one to take a first aid kit with him and there for is half way to getting his first badge. he was beaming from ear to ear. at his big induction i cried a little bit like a big wuss as i knew grandma would have been so proud of him as he pledged his allegence to god and the queen. it was a beautiful thing to watch. i tear up now just thinking about it.

i have been having a few rough days here at the mo. i miss ma so badly at times. i think it has just hit me really that she is gone and that hurts. i know this will pass but gee i cry at the drop of a hat and just feel blah all the time. i know she is looking down on us and is protecting us all. we are going to foster in a few weeks for a couple of nights which will be fun.. ma used to go across with my mother and the two older kids and stay in an apartment with my aunt beth and uncle peter (also from here).so this year we thought we would all go over and spend a few really good days as a family and remember ma. we are doing this instead of buying chrissy presents for each other so i am really looking forward to it.


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just wrote a huge msg then had to sign up not typin it again f@#k that lol but keep up the good work that was awesome had a touch of everything but me not impressed lol ; )