Sunday, October 19, 2008

BUSY days

Hi all
gee where does the time go. it seems i get up and then i am back in bed again before i blink. Grace went away for the week and i have still been flat out. I have had alot of visitors turn up which has taken up some time plus the two little ones have been very very busy and i cant let them out side by themselves with the snakes around so if they go out i go out. I have had anthony at scouts, two appointments at doctors for the kids. I havent scrapped a thing and i am afraid to admit it but i have an order from allcraftz that i just havent opened. The house looks like a complete mess and i just cant get on top of it.

Grace turns 11 tomorrow so we went ten pin bowling today with the whole family and ethan graces boyfriend. We had a great time but there goes another 1/2 a day. Grace has her own digital camera now so she can take her own pics and scrap them instead of using mine. Mum gave her some really cool bonds undies, Beth and Pete gave her a necklace that was stunning and hanging on it was a ring that Beth had brought for ma. (my nan) It had us all in tears. We are such big sooks arent we lol. Anyway ethan is here now and the kids are crying like normal.


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