Sunday, October 5, 2008

busy busy busy

Hi all
well yet another day has gone and i am none the wiser with what i did with my time lol

Grace had a birthday party for a friend of hers today in the park. It was lovely sitting in the shade as there was a little breeze it was a shame to have to pack up and come home . We actually arrived an hour late due to day light savings. how embarrassing. lol

I have managed to catch up a little bit with some scrapping. I stamped out 30+ images for a swap and then made 10 cards for another. i still have to pull my finger out and do the challenges for the wcmd at allcraftz.

Did everyone get a special with ebonys sales. Gee that woman knows how to throw a party lol. I picked up some great stamps for like half price. I love the bargains....... i think if i was to sell all my stash i would have enough to feed a third world country .



Elizabeth said...

lol only one?? Your not trying hard enough then :D
I got a few good bargains too :D

Sharon said...

Marnie, you're not the only one who has a massive stash!!! I think of myself as a non-stamper, and yet I have drawers full of them!! I don't use them, I just collect the pretty ones ... {hugs} to you - hope you find time to do some of the challenges.