Thursday, October 9, 2008

back breaking

hi all
more gardening today is on the agenda but hopefully it will be a bit more gentle on my aging unfit body. I have woken up today so sore and stiff but it is all good. we managed to extend out two vege beds by 1.5 msq so i now have some extra room to plant some lettuce, beetroot, carrots, spinach, radishes, onion, shallots, leeks and whatever else takes my fancy. it is going to be unreal. the kids love it and get right into it with us which is fantastic. i am hoping that by them joining in they will learn to love their veges even more. i am lucky though as my kids eat pretty much anything so there is hardly any left overs.

BIG news too is that our beloved little cutie (last surviving chook) is now laying eggs. we have gotten 5 eggs in the last 4 days. it is amazing. we are so excited. i know that there will not be enough for sponge cakes etc but it is handy to have them when i ran out the other night and was breadcrumbing chicken fillets. they are the richest yellow yolks i have ever seen. just lovely colour.


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Elizabeth said...

Good to hear the gardens going well. Nothing sprouted this end LOL. Sorry to hear about your back, I know the pain!!