Friday, September 19, 2008

Two stitches and a logie

Hi all

I have had fun and games here today with Grace. At about 1 i got a phone call from the school saying that Grace had cut her knee open and that it just wouldnt close up properly. So I rang my mother up to watch the boys and headed to the school to pick her up. We hit the emergency doors at about 1.20 and sat for about 3 hours. Grace finally got in and they decided it needed 2 stitches. Well move over Nicole Kidman, Grace put on such a performance it was unreal. I have never seen a kid shake and cry and hyperventilate like she did. The poor thing had worked herself up into a real state so when it was time for the local she just went into a panic. I wasnt much use to her as all i could do was laugh. The poor dr hadnt even touched her and she was screaming OUCH. i kid you not. He had the needle 5 cm away from her knee and she was screaming and saying she was alright now and that she needed to go to the toilet and that i needed to help her and get her out of there. Total crack up. They ended up trying to numb it a bit before the needle went in. Oh well she is fine now and got an icecream for all her distress.


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TribeRingers said...

Sounds like an interesting day Marnie!
Hope Grace is all better now. Have a great w'end.