Thursday, September 18, 2008

TOP up

Hi all

I have finally got some time to upload the pic of Graces canvas. Sorry if it is a bit blurry. My days seem to go so fast that i just can not get things done. I suppose that is just motherhood though lol.

Graces concert went well, she got to clang the cymbals together as a girl read a certain part of a story. I ended up staying the whole concert after all as graces class was the last act.

Crop night was great too. There was only a couple of us there so we finished up early and Belinda and i headed to maccas. I have had a lovely cuppa with a great friend and managed to chat with out kids interrupting all the time. I really cherish my time with Belinda as we can talk about absolutely anything and there is no judgement at all. I believe god was looking out for me when he sent Belinda to be my friend.


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