Monday, September 22, 2008

Today is the day

Hi all
Today is the day that i am going to scrap something. Now i dont care what it is as long as it is something. I have gone a couple of days without scrapping a thing and it is starting to irritate me. I am the sort of person who likes to scrap daily, even if it is just popping some paint on something. I hate being idle like this. It cant be helped though with the way things are happening around here. Saturday was a write off with hockey, shopping etc. Sunday i had Grace being really sick with a tummy bug. The poor little thing couldnt get away from the toilet at all. I have kept her home from school today so she will probally scrap too. I love that we can share ideas and just hang out together. Oh and she can clean her bloomin room while she is going. i am a bit over seeing the mess.

There is a new lot of atcs that need to be made so i might just jump in and give them a go. I love the atc at allcraftz. The ladies are just unreal and we have a blast making these things and sharing them with each other.



Danielle said...

Hi Marnie, I am loving your blog, you keep me entertained. As for scrapping I'm going to get stuck into it as well. Have fun
Del xx

parkergal17 said...

Good luck with the scrapping. Your blog is looking good.

Hope DD Grace is feeling better.