Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ten Pin Bowling

Hi all
What a fun game ten pin is. I rekon it would be even more fun if you got to play it. Anthony had his end of term scouts meeting at ten pin last night and it was so kaotic at the centre as they had over booked the lanes. So all up there were two scout troops and a couple of teenage girl hockey teams there. You could imagine the noise. I ended up scoring half way through the game and had a ball as i made the kids cheer and scream and just goof around. Anthony got two strikes and loved it. Grace is now really looking forward to her birthday party now as i promised to take her to ten pin bowling with gemma and all of our family.

I am hoping to charge up my batteries today and take some pics of a layout i did and the latest atcs. i might even pop up some of the others that i recieved lately. I can not remember if i showed you the asian/red ones or not so i might just have to display them too lol.

well have a great day

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