Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunny Days

Hi all
I managed to get a great nights sleep last night and i am happy and refreshed and ready for a day of scrapping. i have two challenges left to do for the cc and then i will pop them all in the gallery asap. Krissy has done a gorgeous layout sketch which i can not wait to do and then there is the OTP that i need to find in the bin. yep you read right we need to recycle something and make it into an otp. Krissy did a beautiful milo can for her example. i am really going to have to pull a miracle out for this one lol.

It is so beautiful and sunny today. The sky is the most brillant blue and there is not a cloud to be seen anywhere. I am looking forward to maybe doing a little bit of gardening if i get the chance. Our vege patch is coming along nicely. I planted some really old squash seeds and of course they all came up lol. I have also done the same stupid thing with some old carrot seeds and we have a lovely little carpet of carrot tops showing. Ray is not impressed but hey who cares they were old seeds that would never had been planted unless i did it lol.


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TribeRingers said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better Marnie, your CC entries have been fab.

Have a great week!