Sunday, September 7, 2008


Hi all
I have some really sad news to tell you all and i am trying my hardest not to cry as i do it. My poor chickens are all dead but one. They were murdered. Yep that is right my babies were murdered by that mungrel dog next door. I only have one little bantom left now and she is sooooo lonely. Ray come home from work the other day and as it had been raining all day i hadnt been out side, so he called me out and there was davidia dead under the clothes line and then up further was my beautiful rooster Duck all plucked and dead. We still havent found the body of cutie. I am so depressed over this and i use to love the chooks and talked to them daily as i hung out my clothes. I dare that bloomin dog to come back.

To top that i saw myself in the mirror today NAKED and just wanted to cry again. OMG i am huge. I really need to get my ass into gear and ring tony ferguson and see if the cost and that is reasonable. I just wish i could find someone in the public system to do the lap band for me. I just can not stop eating. Anyway enough sooking it isnt going to get me anywhere is it.

HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the daddies out there. Ray has been spoilt today with heaps of goodies. The list goes
1. rain gauge
2. seed potatoes
3. socks.
4. trousers
5. coffee cup
6. lollies
7. corn seeds
8. gardening gloves.
see he is spoilt rotton.

It is also my uncle Peters birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER. I hope the day brings you heaps of love and joy. We are having cake at two with Peter and Beth so that will be fun.


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