Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charity Day

Hi all

Today was charity day at Tamworth Puclic school. This is a day where the kids from yrs 5 & 6 run little stalls to raise money for a charity that the school chooses. Grace and Gemma set up a stall of Butterfly pencils and normal pencils and make your own kits plus a lucky dip. well the lucky dip sold out so quickly and then the pencils were all gone. I made the butterfly pencils by rapping 2 pipecleaners around a pencil. I added a pompom on top for the body. i then cut a pipecleaner in half and made each half into wings and glued them onto the back of the pompom. i only wished i had taken a pic of them. i might have to make some more i think just for my kids lol.

The two boys were so good at the school and Ashley kept thinking that he was right and ready to stay as he is a big boy now at 4 lol. I gave all three boys a number 4 head shave yesterday and i must say that the 3 of them just look great. I love that i dont have to try and take the little ones to the hairdressers as they just wouldnt sit still. Anthony loves his doo too. I think that it is so easy to look after now for him and also with it starting to get hot he doesnt like the longer hair.


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