Wednesday, September 17, 2008

ATC heaven

Hi all

I have been busy today making atcs for a swap i am in. There was a catch to this swap though that made is a bit tougher then usual.

I could only use TIM HOLTZ stamps. Now that in itself isnt hard but i only own one Tim Holtz stamp lol.

We could embellish it in whatever way we wanted but there had to be a stamp on there somewhere. I ended up printing off some old vintage type images and then making a frame around them with texture paste. I then took the 1 Tim Holtz stamp i owned and inked it with Tim Holtz Walnut ink and pressed it into the texture paste. I love the finished results. The atcs feel unreal to touch and the little flowers and words just seemed to work well with them. I made a card with the

extra Atc that i made for the lady organising the swap and

then the box to store them in. I might have to invest in some

more of Tims stamps as i really enjoyed using this one.

My next project is to do a double 8x8 layout for a circle journal i signed up for. The theme is "B stands for ................". Now what do i choose. Any ideas are welcomed. I was thinking B stands for blooms and taking some pics of what is
flowering right now in my garden. I dont know i might have to think on this one for a day.

If anyone happens to stumble apon my blog leave a

comment please as i love hearing from you all.


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Danielle said...

I am loving those ATC's marnie, So purdy!! :-) Is that for inkurable stampers blog?

And hmmm... B word theme? *scratches head* I know! Take a picture of me (i can be your Biatch!) Hahaha