Thursday, September 11, 2008

Am i ever going to scrap again

I have been trying to get to my scrap table for days now and just cant find it under the mess. I have been buying big time too which means it will not be long and even more stuff will be cluttering up my mess. I have got to get some peg board and put up on my wall to organise my mess.
I managed today to sort out some of my stamps. I really love the new Tim Holtz stamp folder but i just cant spend anymore. So i put my thinking cap on and i found a four ring binder and made some holders out of 8x8 refills and there you have it a stamp organiser. I cut the refill horizontally in half and used my sowing machine to seal up the bottom openning and then ran two lines vertically. i will have to take a pic and show you all what i mean as i am sure my dribble is really confusing.

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