Wednesday, August 27, 2008

WHO'S Counting

Hi all
well only 2 sleeps now but who is counting lol. I am still trying my hardest to shake this head cold before friday. Dont like my chances too much but i am heaps better then i was. You cant half tell that i am excited about going can you. I just love being able to sit and talk to other adults about something i love and they fully understand my addiction. I have been looking at some of the latest Urban Lily products and OMG they are just gorgeous. I love the colours and the patterns and well i just love it all.
I will admit that i am a bit dissapointed that i am going to be missing the allcraftz cc while i am at the retreat. It will be fine though as i will have plenty to look at and get inspiration from when i get back. There are challenges at this retreat and now i have to find a couple of pics to take with me just in case i decide to do them. i have gone a bit crazy with the whole photo thing and i have worked out roughly 15 singles and 2 double layouts to do over the weekend plus i was hoping to get in and do some cards too plus my atc's. I spose i will just have to buckle down and get into it HA HA fat chance. If i get half of it done i will be lucky. I fart ass around to much chatting and laughing to achieve too much. Anyway i better get going and clean the house and do a few things that never go away even when i close my eyes tightly click my heels and wish like mad lol.

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hello(waving)...I just wanted to say send HUGE HUGS!! MWAH!!!!