Friday, August 22, 2008

What a day

Hi all.
Hot one minute, rainy and cold the next is the best way to explain today. This morning we had to turn the heaters off really early as we were all doing a sweat (which is really not normal for us). By lunch though it was raining and now it is freezing. We had hail everywhere at one stage however it melted really quickly. I had to drag the boys to the car in the rain as we were picking the kids up from school. I think their heads are still spinning from how quick i did it lol. After school today i took the kids to macdonalds for a treat. My aunt Beth and uncle Peter and my mother met us there and we had a lovely time. Ashley kept us amused as usual with his antics. That boy sure does know how to put on a show. I havent scrapped today but i am hoping to get the kids to bed early and get into it later. i have a heap of stamped house mouse images that i have coloured to make cards with so i might tackle that tonight. Or then again i might concentrate on getting stuff organised for keepit. SO much to do so little time.

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