Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sick and Tired

Hi all
Thats it i am sick and tired of everyone being sick and tired. First Anthony had a week off school with the flu, then Grace had a week off, next it was Ray and the babies but worse of all it is now my turn and i have the retreat this weekend coming. I am pledging now that even if i am on my death bed i will be going to this retreat lol. I have been looking forward to this retreat for the last few months so badly and i just cant miss it.

Havent the olympics been amazing. I have loved watching the underdogs get up there and win. That young bloke Hooker was unreal in the pole vault and then the aussie diver was just beautiful to watch. I was so proud to be aussie.

We have had a beautiful day here today. The sun has shone and the chill was out of the air for a change. I even managed to get off the lounge and take some pics of the kids playing out back. Gee they are funny things. Never a dull moment with this lot.

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TribeRingers said...

Hope you all start to feel better soon Marnie.

What wonderful work you have been doing, the cards are wonderful.

I know what you mean about cards being quicker and simpler than LOs!

Have a great week and enjoy your retreat.
Will miss you over at Allcraftz Forum.