Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nearly there

Hi all
1 more sleep til the retreat. woo hoo. I cant believe how slow this week has gone. Being sick hasnt helped but i am over the worse now and I am soooo ready to go. I have a heap of house work to do today to get the joint ready for ray and the kids. I also have to do a bit of cooking so they have enough food for the weekend. i am sure they will be fine and wont starve lol. I am a bit surprised that mum and my aunt havent arranged to have the kids as they normally do. I am glad they havent in a way as it would be good for ray to see what i have to do each and everyday.
The kids are in a good mood today. I had to drive them to school as we all slept in. I woke up and looked at the clock and it was 7.35. I went ape to say the least. Ray has to be at work by 8 and the kids catch the bus at 8 too. We had no hope so i shoved ray out the door and then when the kids were finally ready i dropped them off.
I was sent a link to one of the best stamp/card blogs i have ever seen. It is stampowl studio or something like that. This lady does the most amazing things and i now have to look daily to see what her latest creation is. I have also been really impressed with the site Splitcoast stampers. YOu can look up the individual Stampin up stamps and see what other stampers have made using them. I really like seeing how everyone uses the same stamp in so many different ways. I will admit though that allcraftz is my favourite place to visit. I love the forum and the shop well lets just say we eat a little lighter now i have found that place lol.

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