Friday, August 29, 2008


Hi all
OMG it is finally here. RETREAT DAY.... I am so excited (like you couldnt tell hey?). I am packed just a few minor things to do and i am right to go. Ray has told me to go when he gets home from work which means i will be there earlier then i thought. woo hoo. I might actually finish all my layouts ha fat chance. Wow i nearly forgot i need to buy some Jim Beam to take with me, better do it before i forget. lol. This weekend is gearing up to be the best. All my scrappin orders have turned up and I have the large tote to carry everything in. it is just sooooo perfect. I am aiming to even have a nanna nap today to get my strength up for this event lol.
So will you miss me when i am gone? Your probally all glad that i will finally shut up about the rudding retreat pmsl. anyway got to go

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