Saturday, August 23, 2008

Card Crazy

Hi All
I have a little confession to make. I am beginning to get really addicted to making cards. I have always made a couple here and there but just of late it seems to be the only thing i want to do. I think because i dont have to pull as much of my stash out to make them that they are just quicker and easier to pack away. I was lucky enough to have the very talented Hannah Butcher stamp a few House Mouse images for me to watercolour. Hannah makes the most unreal layouts, cards and OTPs. So these images were just perfect. I managed to colour them all in and now i am setting about turning them into cards. I have done a couple as the photos show. Arent the little things sooooooo cute. I just go ooooooooo and aaaaaaaaaa when i look at them.

ONLY 6 MORE SLEEPS until lake keepit retreat. I am having trouble deciding what photos to scrap. I have picked out a couple but i really need to get organised or i will be running around like an idiot on friday trying to make it all happen before i leave. Its bad enough that i cant leave til nearly 6pm and have to drive there in the dark and dodge all the roos i dont need the stress of matching the perfect papers aswell lol.

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AWWW......aren't you a sweetie!

I just love your cards! WOOHOO! way to go !!!!!!!!