Tuesday, August 26, 2008

3 more sleeps

Hi All
only 3 more sleeps until the retreat and i am getting soooooooo excited (but i guess you could tell) lol. i have printed the photos i want to do and i have picked the papers the go with them i just need to put it altogether at the camp. The whole idea of sleeping in and not cooking or cleaning up for 2 days is just too good. All i have to do now is cook some stuff up for ray and the kids to survive on for a weekend. I think i will do up a big batch of soup and spag bol. Broken pasta soup seems to have become a big favourite here. The kids love it and i think it is great to feed them 5 vegies in one hit. It is in the August edition of Super food ideas if anyone is interested in making it. I havent created anything for a couple of days but it appears to be my turn in the chinese whispers at Allcraftz. I love the creativity that the women over there have. It amazes me how different we all are.

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