Friday, May 2, 2008

When Does It Get Easier

I know they say with time it gets easier but how long really. It has been two weeks and i am still having trouble sleeping and just doing everyday things. I went to the local crop last night for the first time since nans passing, and i found it really hard to relax and just enjoy it. The kids going back to school has hit hard. While they were home I had a great distraction to keep my mind off things. The rest of the family are still having trouble too so i am not the only one. I believe we will just have to stick together and help out as much as we can and together over come this grief that it taking a toll.


mandz said...

Hey hun,
Firstly, I am thinking of you.
Also, by 'time' I dont think you should think 'weeks'... more like 'years'!
You never get over it, but you EVENTUALLY learn to live the life you have...
Take care sweetie!


sending you hugs and cuddles sweetie!