Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dt Dream

Hi all
Well it is all happening here. Ebony from allcraftz has put a call in for the dt. A very lovely lady has had to resign for a short while due to private issues ( a very sad loss, she will be greatly missed.). So i have decided that i would like to try out. My entry has to be in by the 10th of May and i have done a couple of cards and a couple of otp's but as yet can not finish the layout. I only need one card and one otp but i can not decide on which one. I am really crappy when it comes to competing for something like this as it would be a dream come true to be on a dt. I would be really happy though if any of the ladies on the forum became the next dt member. There are some really tallented ladies out there and i just love looking at their entries in the gallery. Oh well i had better put my skates on and get in and do the layout.
thats your bloomin lot.

Friday, May 2, 2008

When Does It Get Easier

I know they say with time it gets easier but how long really. It has been two weeks and i am still having trouble sleeping and just doing everyday things. I went to the local crop last night for the first time since nans passing, and i found it really hard to relax and just enjoy it. The kids going back to school has hit hard. While they were home I had a great distraction to keep my mind off things. The rest of the family are still having trouble too so i am not the only one. I believe we will just have to stick together and help out as much as we can and together over come this grief that it taking a toll.