Friday, April 25, 2008

A Sudden Lost

Hi all

I apologise for not updating sooner however on the 16th April my nan passed away. It has been a very emotion week. Nan had helped to raise me since i was 3 months old. My mother and I lived with her all that time too. I used to call her mum like all my aunts and uncle did. I understand now why I am so screwed in the head lol. We are a very close family and this sudden loss has rocked our family immensely. I am very grateful that in the final moments of nans life that we were all present and could hold her hand and tell her she was loved and cherished. Her poor heart just couldnt keep going. She had been unwell for quite a while with fluid around her heart and lungs and as my last post said was just diagnosed with bowel cancer aswell. I am glad it was a quick and painfree passing. God has just gotten a true angel up there now and earth has lost one of the purest hearts i have ever seen. Well enough crying, I have to keep strong and remember the good times don't I? I have done some scrapping lately not heaps though and i hope to get into it more over the weekend with the cybercrop at allcraftz. Anyway I better go and organise tea and get ready to crop til I drop.

Thats your bloomin lot.

Love Ya

Marnie xxooxx

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mandz said...

Hey Marnie,
As you know, I'm so sorry about your 'mum'.
I am here if you ever need to talk.
Another special angel in Heaven...
Take care,