Saturday, April 26, 2008

Talk To The Animals CC

Hi all
This cc at allcraftz has come around so quickly, and as you can see the theme is talk to the animals. All the challenges are all centered around your pets and favourite animals. I think this is going to be a bit challenging. Megan(forum moderator aka scrapnshop) really sets out great challenges and games. I did an injury trying to run around the house and gather stuff for a photo in the first game. It was really fun and i actually won. I love the forum there. All the ladies are fun and very supportive. I spend a lot of time laughing at some of the stories that get shared. There are tears too as we all share our saddest moments with each other. Well i have to get ready to take the kids shopping for winter school clothes fun fun fun
thats your bloomin lot.

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Sudden Lost

Hi all

I apologise for not updating sooner however on the 16th April my nan passed away. It has been a very emotion week. Nan had helped to raise me since i was 3 months old. My mother and I lived with her all that time too. I used to call her mum like all my aunts and uncle did. I understand now why I am so screwed in the head lol. We are a very close family and this sudden loss has rocked our family immensely. I am very grateful that in the final moments of nans life that we were all present and could hold her hand and tell her she was loved and cherished. Her poor heart just couldnt keep going. She had been unwell for quite a while with fluid around her heart and lungs and as my last post said was just diagnosed with bowel cancer aswell. I am glad it was a quick and painfree passing. God has just gotten a true angel up there now and earth has lost one of the purest hearts i have ever seen. Well enough crying, I have to keep strong and remember the good times don't I? I have done some scrapping lately not heaps though and i hope to get into it more over the weekend with the cybercrop at allcraftz. Anyway I better go and organise tea and get ready to crop til I drop.

Thats your bloomin lot.

Love Ya

Marnie xxooxx

Monday, April 14, 2008

Cancer hits home

Hi all
I am probally going to cry as i type this so please excuse any spelling errors. On Thursday the 10th of April my grandma was diagnosed with cancer. We do not know how bad just yet or if it is a secondary of primary. We just know it doesnt look good. My nan raised me while my mother worked. She is in many ways like a second mother. I have even called her mum all my life. I am just trying to stay positve at the moment and i must admit the team of ladies at Allcraftz have helped me the last few days to keep smiling and not to think to much about it until all the results are in. These ladies are worth their weight in gold and i dont think i can thank them all enough. I know their prayers are geniune, and that they do care. I am blessed.
i havent achieved much as far as scrapbooking is concerned. i did however go to the annual pumpkin festival at kootingal yesterday and took heaps of photos. it was really nice to spend some time with family and be really relaxed.
We dont get to do it enough.
Well that is your bloomin lot

Monday, April 7, 2008

New Challenges

HI strangers.

It has been so long since i talked to you all and filled you in on what i have been up to scrap wise. Allcraftz 4 U had sposored a Cyber Crop (cc for short) at Scrapbooking Top 50 so i thought i would give the challenges a go. Jude the organiser of the CC surely likes to make people think outside of the square and posted some tricky tasks for us all to try out. I managed to get all four done and one of them even has a photo of me on it. I dont have many photos of me but one of the challenges asked for the word WISH to be in the title. So seeing it is my birthday tomorrow i thought i would do a page titled 33 wishes. The challenge also had to include 100 plus words about the subject so i wrote 33 wishes down that seems only fair lol. I have included the pics of my entries so fingers crossed that one of us allcraftz girls wins some prizes. Til next time this is your bloomin lot.