Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally Some Layouts

Hi all

Well i have finally managed to get some time up my sleeve and finish off a layout and an otp this morning. The layout took a little while longer then i thought as it was an emotional rollercoaster. My father and mother divorced when i was very little and i have never seen the man at all. i often wonder what i would say to him if i ever got to meet him. would i be happy to finally meet him or would i be too angry at him to talk. I spose it doesnt matter as I dont think i will ever get the chance. This is what i love about the craft of scrapbooking, that i can put all my feelings down and they are there to reflect over when ever i want and for my children in years to come to know how i felt. Anyway here is the layout first and then the little matchbox otp that i whipped up out of scraps i had laying around. Til next time its your bloomin lot.

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