Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Rush

Hi all

Well it has been a long time since i updated but i am finally here to fill in what i have been up to lately. Easter was great this year as we had the arrival of 6 bantams. We are now parents to 2 teenagers (duck the rooster and stirfry my girl) and 4 babies (win dixie, shrek, cutie and daivd). We are really looking forward to stirfry laying her first egg. I can not believe how cute they are and friendly. The babies are still a bit scared but they will gradually come around.

We also had a big weekend of family get togethers and eating which is normal when my family have an occassion. Chocolate was everywhere but the kids soon knocked the pile of eggs down over 2 days. Scrap wise i have been trying to do all the challenges the fantastic ScrapNshop has set in the cyber crop this month. This woman never ceases to nudge you out of your comfort zone which is just great as my pages have never been more veried. The forum at Allcraftz is just amazing as usual and the women are inspiring to say the least. well i might just have to put up some pics to show you my take on some of the challenges.

Well i am afraid to say this is your bloomin lot.



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