Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy day

Well today has been a busy day. kids off to school then drop boys off to daycare ( i found out that my day care lady is stopping in the next 4 weeks as they are moving) arghhhhhhh!!!!!!! i then called into grandmas to see if she needs anything, run to big w to lay by some card stock on special and into the reject shop, brought flowers for a funeral i was taking my daughter grace to ( her best friend lost her pop and was very upset) ran back to grannies for cuppa, pick up grace from school and go to funeral, (i always feel very drained after a funeral and i didn't even know this man), grace and i do shopping for a week, come home and unpack, eat some lunch, check the forum,( then run back into town to check spotlight bargain bin (i came away with lots of pretty material for only $2 a mtr) then dropped off grannies things then picked the boys up and now i am home and buggered. Wednesday is my busy day. i have to do everything while kids are at daycare and school. now i just have to get through dinner and i am off to bed. this stupid head ache still hasn't gone it is now where near as bad as the other day but annoying. panadol and panadeine are not doing much. hopefully i can have a nice bath and pass out tonight (there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking lol) any way i have had my whinge and that is your bloomin lot for the moment.

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