Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter Rush

Hi all

Well it has been a long time since i updated but i am finally here to fill in what i have been up to lately. Easter was great this year as we had the arrival of 6 bantams. We are now parents to 2 teenagers (duck the rooster and stirfry my girl) and 4 babies (win dixie, shrek, cutie and daivd). We are really looking forward to stirfry laying her first egg. I can not believe how cute they are and friendly. The babies are still a bit scared but they will gradually come around.

We also had a big weekend of family get togethers and eating which is normal when my family have an occassion. Chocolate was everywhere but the kids soon knocked the pile of eggs down over 2 days. Scrap wise i have been trying to do all the challenges the fantastic ScrapNshop has set in the cyber crop this month. This woman never ceases to nudge you out of your comfort zone which is just great as my pages have never been more veried. The forum at Allcraftz is just amazing as usual and the women are inspiring to say the least. well i might just have to put up some pics to show you my take on some of the challenges.

Well i am afraid to say this is your bloomin lot.



Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finally Some Layouts

Hi all

Well i have finally managed to get some time up my sleeve and finish off a layout and an otp this morning. The layout took a little while longer then i thought as it was an emotional rollercoaster. My father and mother divorced when i was very little and i have never seen the man at all. i often wonder what i would say to him if i ever got to meet him. would i be happy to finally meet him or would i be too angry at him to talk. I spose it doesnt matter as I dont think i will ever get the chance. This is what i love about the craft of scrapbooking, that i can put all my feelings down and they are there to reflect over when ever i want and for my children in years to come to know how i felt. Anyway here is the layout first and then the little matchbox otp that i whipped up out of scraps i had laying around. Til next time its your bloomin lot.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Busy day

Well today has been a busy day. kids off to school then drop boys off to daycare ( i found out that my day care lady is stopping in the next 4 weeks as they are moving) arghhhhhhh!!!!!!! i then called into grandmas to see if she needs anything, run to big w to lay by some card stock on special and into the reject shop, brought flowers for a funeral i was taking my daughter grace to ( her best friend lost her pop and was very upset) ran back to grannies for cuppa, pick up grace from school and go to funeral, (i always feel very drained after a funeral and i didn't even know this man), grace and i do shopping for a week, come home and unpack, eat some lunch, check the forum,( then run back into town to check spotlight bargain bin (i came away with lots of pretty material for only $2 a mtr) then dropped off grannies things then picked the boys up and now i am home and buggered. Wednesday is my busy day. i have to do everything while kids are at daycare and school. now i just have to get through dinner and i am off to bed. this stupid head ache still hasn't gone it is now where near as bad as the other day but annoying. panadol and panadeine are not doing much. hopefully i can have a nice bath and pass out tonight (there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking lol) any way i have had my whinge and that is your bloomin lot for the moment.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Major Pain

Hi all
Does anyone know how to get rid of a migraine? It started yesterday and i have only just started to get it to ease enough so i can get a few things done. I am lucky though my kids help me out when i get a really serious one. The babies are happy to watch Shrek as long as the volume is way down so you can just hear it and the older kids when they get home from school help to watch the little ones for me. My lovely Grace helped me cook dinner last night as just standing up was cruel, plus having tunnel vision didn't help the situation. I am hoping now to have a peaceful day today and just potter about at a very slow pace. clothes still need to be washed and kids fed put the beds can just stay unmade today. Well that i am afraid is your bloomin lot.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Todays Events

hi all
so far today i have achieved a few small tasks. i managed to post some items off that were collecting dust, i put some more fuel in the car as they seem to need the stuff to run, dropped older two off to school and took younger two to swimming lessons and i even managed to scan some templates to help make a couple of birthday cards. here's hoping i actually get to make a card or two and get them on the blog real soon. my big plan now is to get my boys to have a sleep and chill out myself. does anyone else get the ezibuy catalogue as i have just found some of the most delicious patterns and colour combinations for inspiration. might have to try and copy one or two myself. anyways all this typing is not getting my jobs done. as PC (peter cundell) says

Sunday, March 9, 2008

New beginnings

Hi all and welcome.
This is all very new to me so be patient please. I am Marnie and I am a mother of 4 beautiful children, Grace 10, Anthony 8, Ashley 3 and Thomas 2. I am married to my lovely husband Ray and plan to stay that way for a while longer yet. My main hobbies are Scrapbooking, beading, crocheting, cross stitch and really anything crafty. I hope to add heaps of my creations over the next few weeks for you all to look at.
Bye for now